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Atomic Flourescence Spectroscopy

Atomic Flourescence Spectroscopy

Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy AFS200T Bearing both advantages of atomic absorption spectrometry and atomic emission spectrometry and avoiding disadvantages of current analysis technique, this is a great trace elements analysis technique. As a complementarity of atomic absorption spectrometer...

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Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy AFS200T
Bearing both advantages of atomic absorption spectrometry and atomic emission spectrometry and avoiding disadvantages of current analysis technique, this is a great trace elements analysis technique. As a complementarity of atomic absorption spectrometer and atomic emission spectrometer, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer is a measurement instrument featuring accurate, rapid, high sensitivity, simple structure, small body, and easy-to-use.

Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy AFS200T double channel Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer, is a precise analysis instrument with completely independent intellectual property rights. Featuring characteristics of high performance and complete functions, This instrument bears extremely low detection limit to Hg, Ag elements. It is widely applied for ultratrace analysis to Hg, As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Cd, Ge, Pb, Sn, and Zn.

Performance Advantages of Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy

1、Free observation of flame
Update former flame observation window with built-in flame observation device for free observation of flame, which greatly reduces outside interference and it is convenient for use.
2、Optical source hot—plugging device
This instrument achieves free change of lamps without turning off main power of instrument which reduces preheat time of lamps.
3、USB2.0 port Give up old 232 port and employ new USB2.0 port, which improves transmission speed, compatible to new computer system.
4、Gas flow control system
Automatic gas flow control system is applied in this instrument which is rapid and stable in gas flow control. It also can detect malfunction of instrument. Ar flow will be cut off automatically to save gas reservation when instrument is not working. AFS200N employs integrated gas flow control system, monitoring gas pressure through pressure switch; AFS200T is equipped with double channel mass flow controller—gas flow control system with precision of 1ml/min.
5、Environmental friendly
Special exhaust gas collecting device is equipped to be environmentally friendly and provide safer operation for analytical personnel.
6、Intelligent high-performance hollow cathode lamp
Our corporation's patented intelligent high-performance hollow cathode lamp is used; element type and manufacturing no. can be automatically identified, working life of optical source can be recorded to ensure best working conditions, etc.
7、Optical system
New non-dispersive optical system is applied, which greatly increases testing sensitivity and making instrument structure more compact and easy-to-use.
8、Double channel design
Simultaneous analysis of two elements and improved function of single path, testing sensitivity and element detection limit are significantly improved.
9、Frontally—positioned optical source
Frontally—positioned design is used instead of back—positioned design of high-performance hollow cathode lamp which does great helps to customers
10、Exterior design
Streamlined sheet metal design and slide door mechanism, which is simple and elegant.
11、Use standard solution to prepare standard curve
Prepare highest concentration standard solution to create standard curve, saving preparation time of standard samples, auto-dilution of high concentration samples and auto-cleaning of tubes.
12、Low—temperature atomization ignition
Longer working life of furnace wire and more stable flame
13、Protected quartz tube atomizer
Effectively reduces put out of fluorescence and significantly improves testing sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio
14、High-efficient level 2 gas/liquid separation
Efficient separation of gas and liquid, removing water vapor effects on test results to the max.
Atomic fluorescence software workstation of proprietary intellectual property is developed with user-friendly operating interface: Chinese/English software interface, automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis, automatic calculation of sample content, auto-generation of test reports, etc.

Technical Specifications of Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy

1、Analytical elements: As、Sb、Bi、Hg、Se、Te、Pb、Sn、Ge、Zn、Cd, etc.
2、Detection limit of typical elements: As、Sb、Bi≤0.01ng/ml,Hg≤0.001ng/ml
3、RSD: ≤ 1% (typical elements)
4、Linear range: above 3 orders of magnitude
5、Channel interference: ≤ 2%
6、Stability: ≤ 2%
7、Ambient temperature: 5℃-35℃
8、Ambient humidity: ≤80%
9、Power input: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
10、Dimension: 610mm×514mm×545mm(L×W×H)
11、Weight: 60Kg

Standard Configuration

1, Instrument: 1 set
2, Accessories: spare channel, toolkit, spare parts 

Optional Configuration
1, Automatic sampler AS100
2, Brand computer
3, Brand printer

Main Instrument Configuration of Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy

1, 1 set low temperature atomizer
2, 2 sets peristaltic pump
3, 1 set circuit control system
4, 1 set photomultiplier
5, 1 set HD camera
6, 1 set auto gas flow control system
7, 2 sets intelligent light sources (If special needs are required by customers, standard configurations are As and Sb lights)
8, 1 set non-dispersive optical system

Application Fields
Atomic FLourescence Spectroscopy is applied in wide fields, covering environmental detection, anti-epidemic, food hygiene inspection, pharmaceutical inspection, city water supply and drainage inspection, cosmetic inspection, soil fertilizer detection, clinical medicine sample testing, agricultural products inspection, geological detection, metallurgy sample detection, teaching research, etc.

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