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Heavy Metal Pollution

Heavy Metal Pollution

AFS 200S Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry, which is a new spectrometry proposed and developed in the middle of 1960s. It is a new kind of trace element analytical technology, combining the advantages of both atomic absorption spectrometry and atomic emission...

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AFS 200S Heavy Metal Pollution analysis
Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry, which is a new spectrometry proposed and developed in the middle of 1960s. It is a new kind of trace element analytical technology, combining the advantages of both atomic absorption spectrometry and atomic emission spectrometry, balancing the disadvantages of present analytical technologies.

Heavy Metal Pollution Application fields:
It is widely applied in environment monitoring, hygiene and quarantine, food safety inspection, medicine inspection, water supply and drainage in cities, cosmetics inspection, soil and fertilizers, inspection of clinic medicine samples, agricultural products, geological survey, metallurgical samples, academic research and studies, etc.

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Heavy Metal Pollution AFS analyzer Features:
1. Injection system
combined with Injection pump and peristaltic pump system, convenientto switch between the Injection pump and peristaltic pump, high precision, single measuring time < 40 seconds.

2. Well-timed observation of flame
In-built well-timed flame observation device, updated design of former flame observation window, making flame observation automatic; observation of flame condition without operating instrument during measurement, reducing external interference and offering improved experience of flame observation for users.

3.USB 2.0 Communication Interface
The former 232 serial Cl is replaced by the latest USB2.0 Cl. Data transmission and compatibility are significantly improved.

4. Optical system
The latest dual-path mass flow controller - Ar flow control system is applied to control Ar flow precisely and regulating it constantly. Real-time flow monitoring function is integrated. Ar gas will be cut off to save gas reservation when instrument isn&rsquo;t working.

5. Environmentally friendly
Special exhaust gas collecting device is equipped to be environmentally friendly and provide safer operation for analytical personnel.

6. Frontally-positioned optical source
Frontally-positioned design is used instead of back-positioned design of high-performance hollow cathode lamp.

7. Intelligent high-performance hollow cathode lamp
Our corporation&rsquo;s patented intelligent high-performance hollow cathode lamp is used; element lamp type and manufacturing no. can be automatically identified, working life of optical source can be recorded to ensure best working conditions, etc.

8. Optical system
Apply new non-dispersive optical system, greatly increase testing sensitivity and make instrument structure more compact, much easier to repair.

9. Dual-path design
Simultaneous analysis of two elements and improved function of single path, testing sensitivity and element detection limit are significantly improved.

10. Exterior design
Streamlined sheet metal design, dimension: 677mm×518mm×550mm (L×W×H), Simple fashion, beautiful and generous.

11. Use standard solution of highest concentration to prepare standard curve
Prepare highest concentration standard solution to create standard curve, saving preparation time of standard samples, auto-dilution of high-concentration samples and auto-cleaning of tubes.

12. Low-temperature atomization ignition
Longer working life of furnace wire and more stable flame.

13. Protected quartz tube atomizer
Significantly-improved testing sensitivity and signal/noise ratio.

14. High-efficiency level 2 gas/liquid separation
Efficient separation of gas and liquid, removing water vapor effects on test results to the max.

15. Software
Atomic fluorescence software workstation of proprietary intellectual property is developed with user-friendly operating interface: Chinese/English software interface, automatic partially qualitative and quantitative analysis, automatic calculation of sample content, auto-generation of test reports, etc.

Technical specifications of Heavy Metal Pollution analyzer:
Measurable range: As, Sb, Bi, Hg, Se, Te, Pb, Sn, Ge, Zn, Cd
Detection limit of typical elements: As, Sb ≤0.01ng/ml
RSD: typical elements ≤1%
Linear range: above 3 orders of magnitude
Stability: ≤2%
Power supply: Single-phase AC, voltage output 220V±22V, frequency output 50Hz±1Hz
Ambient temperature: 10-30℃
Ambient humidity: ≤80%
Dimension: 677mm×518mm×550mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 60kg

Optional sampling device:
A functional auxiliary device for AAS, AFS and ICP spectrometers!
AS100 Automatic Sampling device is specially designed as auxiliary device for our corporation's atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma spectrometer.
All functions can be used through computer, making sampling process
much more automatic
Relive you from complex manual sampling operations

AS 100 Automatic Sampling device
Technical specifications
Sampling plate volume: 130 sample cups, 6 reagent cups
Sampling cup volume: 15ml sample cup, 50ml reagent cup
Carrier liquid bottle volume: 1L
Power supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Power: peak value <100W
Communication interface: standard 232 CI

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