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Portable RoHS Tester can detect what

- Feb 26, 2018 -

The portable RoHS Tester can comprehensively and rapidly analyze the heavy metals and harmful elements in toys and consumer products. Content of restrictive elements: such as lead (PB), Mercury (Hg), Chromium (CR), Arsenic (AS), antimony (SB) and barium (BA), hexavalent chromium (CR-VI), as solder alloy, PBBs (PBB), Two phenyl ether (PBDE) and Cadmium (CD) can be measured to the PPM level.

The Portable RoHS tester provides unmatched measurement speed and accuracy, and can even detect and quantify the content of restricted elements in electronic products, lead in paint or other toxic elements in toys, and heavy metals in various consumer goods including automobiles.

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