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2018 China Food Trade Conference

- Sep 19, 2018 -

The instruments that Skyray Instrument exhibited at this time can be described as a wide range of products. From grain pre-treatment to grain heavy metal detection, pesticide residue detection, mycotoxin detection and farmland soil testing, Skyray Instrument has a complete range of food testing products; from the rapid detection of the field to the laboratory precision testing, Tianrui Instrument has rich food testing products.

Instrument for rapid detection of heavy metals in farmland soil: Handheld soil heavy metal XRF analyzer EXPLORER9000, with its small size, light weight, convenient carrying and fast detection speed, can be used to detect heavy metals in farmland soil. The GPS positioning function of the belt is more convenient for the soil survey of farmland.

In the grain heavy metal detection instrument, there are not only instruments for rapid detection of heavy metals in food: EDX3200SPLUS X for food heavy metal rapid detector, EDX3200SPLUS C for food heavy metal rapid detector, HM-7000P for portable food heavy metal analyzer, and precision for heavy metal laboratory. Testing equipment: atomic fluorescence spectrometer AFS200T, atomic absorption spectrometer AAS9000.

Skyray Instrument also brings a wealth of products in the detection of pesticide residues in food and the detection of mycotoxins. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer GC-MS 6800 is a cost-effective GC/MS instrument carefully built by Skyray Instruments.

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