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Maintenance Of Carbon And Sulfur Analyzer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the gas bottle solution in general can use more than one year, when the need to replace a new solution, can remove the gas bottle, pour out the solution, the solution is not completely poured out, can be used to suction the ear ball to the air inlet nozzle, and then poured out the solution, so repeatedly until the solution completely poured out, the new configuration of potassium hydroxide solution added to the liquid surface to the glass pointer, If the solution is finished, not to the glass pointer, can add distilled water, more than the glass pointer poured out some.

2, the standard bottle solution is generally not replaced, if found to have turbidity, dirty phenomenon needs to be replaced, with a good solution added to the glass level bottle, submerged upper electrode 1cm or so, plug two cork, press the "to 0" button, the water level height in the hoop above 30mm, otherwise should increase or decrease the amount of liquid in the bottle.

3, according to the preparation, the liquid and sulfur liquid, not too fast, can adjust the analyzer's internal two water clip to adjust the speed of liquid.

4, often check the rubber seals and rubber plugs and other seals, found that the aging leak should be replaced immediately.

5, often use a clean, dry soft cloth to scrub electrodes and rubber Plug and check whether the electrode rust, rust should be replaced.

6, three months to check the gas road connection, if found to have aging cracking phenomenon immediately replaced.

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