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Tips For Choosing Handheld Spectrometer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

In the specific selection of hand-held spectrometer, provide a few suggestions for your reference

Stability, the most important thing is the stability of analytical instruments.

Second, consider the wavelength range, whether it can cover all the elements you want to detect the spectral line range.

Third, failure rate, if a product often damaged, will affect the efficiency.

Iv. analysis Speed, if it is a full spectrum of machines, general 72 elements per minute, if the scan type, slow speed, now in addition to some special industries are still using scanning type, the other is full spectrum, not to say that the scan is not good, but the technology is older, easy to be eliminated.

Five, optical resolution (200nm), in theory, the higher the resolution is better, this is still to customer samples.

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