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What Are The Applications Of XRF Fluorescence Spectrometer?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

According to the function, the application of XRF fluorescence spectrometer is mainly divided into:

1, RoHS Analysis: Electronics, electrical appliances, toys, consumer goods, hardware, plastics and other manufacturing, testing institutions, customs and so on.

2, coating thickness analysis: electroplating, electronic devices.

3, precious metals analysis: jewelry.

4, Elements and compounds analysis (specific element analysis, full element Analysis): Steel, non-ferrous metals, rubber, petrochemical, glass, cement, waste materials recycling, geology and mineral resources, archaeological relics and other industries, laboratories, universities and other scientific research units.

5, on-line analysis (element analysis, thickness analysis): Minerals, metallurgy, cement, steel and other industries.

6, Surface Micro-zone analysis: Materials, electroplating and other industries.

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