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XRF Spectrometer

  • Quick Gold Analyzer

    Quick Gold Analyzer

    Application fields Content determination of precious metals Au, Pt, Ag, etc and jewelries Thickness measurement of metal...

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  • Handheld XRF Analyzer

    Handheld XRF Analyzer

    Explorer Series Handheld XRF Spectrometer Based on ten-year research and development experiences of portable instruments,...

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  • Mineral Exploration

    Mineral Exploration

    EDX6000B Mineral exploration Professor EDX6000B is a high-end configuration energy dispersive XRF spectrometer (EDXRF). It is...

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  • RoHS Compliance Test

    RoHS Compliance Test

    EDX1800B — Expert of RoHS Detection ◆ Rapid, Precise, Non-destructive testing. ◆ Movable sample platform ◆ High Intelligence...

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  • Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

    Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

    EDX 3300S X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Detector Professional Sulfur-Detection Efficient and Intelligent Nowadays, controlling the...

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  • Heavy Fuel Oil Analysis

    Heavy Fuel Oil Analysis

    Cube100S Portable Oil analyzer The new Cube100S Portable oil analyzer is designed for the onsite analysis of Sulfur in oils....

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  • Soil And Rock Testing Equipment

    Soil And Rock Testing Equipment

    EXPLORER 7000 Handheld mineral analyzer EXPLORER 7000 introduces digital multi-channel technology, lower detection limits,...

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  • Lead Test

    Lead Test

    Genius 3000 XRF Handheld Hazardous Elements Analyzer Genius 3000XRF is widely use d in toy safety testing, electrical and...

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  • Precious Metal Tester

    Precious Metal Tester

    Smart 100 incorporates Skyray's years of experience in precious metal testing with new generation detector and...

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  • Precious Metal Analyzer

    Precious Metal Analyzer

    Skyray New XRF Precious Metals Analyzer- EDX 3000 PLUS is especially good at content testing of gold, silver, platinum,...

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  • Portable Gold Tester

    Portable Gold Tester

    The unique portable Cube 100 XRF spectrometer made by Skyray Instrument is designed to meet the requirements for the...

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  • Handheld Precious Metal Analyzer

    Handheld Precious Metal Analyzer

    Handheld Precious Metal Analyzer Handheld Explorer Precious Metal Analyzer is designed for on-site composition identification,...

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