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Daily maintenance of Spectrum analyzer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the laboratory to ensure constant temperature, humidity, especially in the southern humid weather environment, but also pay special attention to.

2, the Instrument laboratory recommends the installation of air-conditioning equipment.

3, the use of the instrument environment, can not be acid mist exist, that is, XRF instruments and chemical laboratory in the same room, because X-ray tubes and detectors are used in metal-beryllium window, metal beryllium is easily acid corrosion.

4, for the normal operation of the instrument, the proposed instrument has a separate ground.

5, please keep indoor smoke-free dust, to avoid dust into the chassis.

6, the instrument should be away from the electromagnetic interference place and test.

7, to maintain the power supply voltage and current stability, you can choose precision Purification power supply.

8, Shockproof moisture-proof, especially when the instrument has not been used for the first time, be sure to heat engine for more than 30 minutes before testing.

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