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Features of stainless steel analyzer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the use of "intelligent dynamic tracking" and "standard curve of non-linear regression" technology, the results of Digital direct reading. Automatic printing.

2, the use of computer control and data processing, can store 12 curves, and can be modified curve, with power loss data protection and other functions.

3, the instrument design is reasonable, change the color filter, the dish, the sample quantity, as well as the reasonable use curve, may enlarge the measuring element variety and the content range. (the element variety can surpass 3, theoretically can reach 12 elements, the content range can widen, like ni:0.01-30.0%,mo:0.01-7.0%,cr:0.01-25.0%)

4, Special Recommendation: Suitable for the analysis of multiple elements in stainless steel.

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