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Use of Ore analyzer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the rapid census of a wide range of mining areas, effective determination of zone patterns, mining maps, real-time survey.

2, found abnormal condition, do priority mining Fu.

3, on-site rapid tracking of abnormal mineralization, effectively looking for "hot" zone, delineate the orebody boundary.

4, accurate analysis of Milling head, concentrate and slag to establish the process of efficient mining and enrichment.

5, to determine the direction of the ore belt and ore content anomalies, to avoid wrong mining.

6, the high-grade, select ore accurate grade assessment, to provide ore collection, acquisition value basis.

7, to the slag, tailings residual ore element analysis, again determine its value.

8, in the process of ore mining, hole, grinding, enrichment and smelting process of quality inspection, determine the grade, the filter pool, storage pond and steel trough solution analysis.

9, power equipment, pipelines, production line maintenance, analysis of equipment lubricants, such as trace metals in oil, to determine the wear status of equipment.

10, pollution of water, waste water pollution of metal components, pollution patterns, pollution boundaries of rapid investigation and measurement.

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