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ICP-Mass Spectrometry

ICP-Mass Spectrometry

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), popularized since 1980's, is a new technique for micro-(10 -6 ), trace-(10 -9 ), and ultra-trace-scale (10 -12 ) element analysis with a variety of advantages, such as applicable to analyze the majority in the periodic table of elements,...

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ICP-Mass Spectrometry(ICP-MS), popularized since 1980's, is a new technique for micro-(10-6), trace-(10-9), and ultra-trace-scale (10-12) element analysis with a variety of advantages, such as applicable to analyze the majority in the periodic table of elements, low detection limit, wide linear (dynamic) range, low interference, high accuracy, high speed and isotopical analysis.

ICP-Mass Spectrometry ICP-MS 2000 specifies outstanding performance and accurate analysis. Self-developed consumables are of satisfactory cost(reasonably priced). Also, we provide excellent post-sale service: on-site maintenance and timely follow-up.


Inlet: Open modular sample introduction system with externally mounted atomizer is able to locate automatically.
Torch Alignment: X, Y and Z axes are accurately PC-controlled, with all the adjusted parameters saved in analysis methods.
Advanced plasma shielding: greatly improving sensitivity and limits of detection of light elements (down to ppt level)
Valve gate: PC-controlled valve to retain vacuum, facilitate assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the sampling and skimmer cones when vacuum system is on.
Ion lens: Hexapole ion guide can transmit ions in full mass range efficiently with automatic ion focusing and tuning. Asymmetrical installed lens in vacuum chamber are easy to assemble and disassemble.
Detector: ETP dual-mode detector, discrete dynode electron multiplier, no need to switch on digital/analog modes.
Vacuum chamber: no wire connection. Each module adopts asymmetric and plug-in set.
Power-off protection: automatically shut down to protect the system in case of unexpected power failure.
Software: providing automatic control of instrument and accessories. Windows 2000/XP/vista/win7(32 bit or 64 bit) professional operation system.

Application of ICP-Mass Spectrometry

1.Environmental protection: drinking water, seawater, water resources, food, hygiene and disease control, goods inspection, etc.
2.Semiconductor industry: high pure metals, high pure reagents, ultratrace impurities of Si chips, photoresists, etc. 
3.Pharmaceutical and physiological analysis: medical research on hair, blood, serum, urine, biological tissues etc., for example, testing Pb in whole blood.
4.Nuclear industry: nuclear fuel radioisotopes, pollution of primary cooling water etc.
5.Other fields: chemical industry, petrochemical industry, geology, etc.

Specifications of ICP-Mass Spectrometry

Mass Range: 2~255 amu
Dynamic (Linear) Range: ≥108 
Sensitivity(cps/mg/L):  Be≥5×106; In≥60×106; U≥60×106
Limit of Detection(ng/L):  Be≤5; In ≤0.5; U≤0.5 
Resolution (amu): 0.6~0.8 amu
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): ≥50×106 
Background: ≤2 cps(full mass range)
Variance: ≤0.05 amu/24 h
Stability(RSD): short term≤2 %; long term≤3 %
Oxides: CeO+/Ce+≤3%
Double charged: 69Ba2+/138Ba+ ≤3% 
Isotope Ratio Precision:(107Ag/109Ag)≤0.2%
Abundance Sensitivity: ≤1×10-6low mass; ≤5×10-7high mass

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