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Matters Needing Attention In Ore Analyzer

- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the Ore Analyzer does not continue to use the period, each week to have a continuous 16 hours more than the boot time, used to compare batteries to the benchmark and to maintain the memory of the battery charge. So that the accuracy of the instrument can be maintained.

2, the power cord alone by the transformer distribution plate output to the instrument power outlet.

3, check the ventilation conditions, the use of carbon-silicon analyzer in the process of the need for a cooling environment with ventilation conditions, the carbon-silicon analyzer is prohibited to be placed in a closed box or a strong thermal radiation environment in order to avoid the instrument due to excessive temperature caused failure.

4, for the release of induction furnace, electric welding machine, driving and other electrical equipment caused by the pollution of the power supply, all carbon Silicon Analyzer filter system, requires a separate grounding resistance less than 3 Ω ground, must be the ground wire and the instrument of the power plug, compensated wire grounding column reliable connection, to ensure that the instrument measurement accuracy.

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