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What Is The Advantage Of Ore Analyzer?

- May 15, 2018 -

The ore analyzer is a widely used detection and analysis instrument in the mining industry. Currently, the market is divided into two types: One is a handheld ore analyzer, and the other is a desktop ore analyzer:

     1. Can quickly find a wide range of ore areas.

     2. According to the relevant circumstances, it is a priority to mine rich mining areas.

     3. Accurately analyze milling heads, concentrates, and slags to establish an efficient mining and enrichment process.

     4. Determine the direction of the ore belt and the abnormality of the ore content to avoid erroneous mining.

     5, on the high quality, ore selection of the precise grade, provide ore collection, acquisition value basis.

     6. Analyze the ore elements remaining in the slag or tailings and determine its value again.

     7. Rapid investigation and measurement of polluted water, polluted metal components in wastewater, pollution patterns, and pollution boundaries.

     8. The on-site disposal of the original land, polluted water, waste water, and other harmful substances is minimized and provides a theoretical basis for in-depth analysis of pollution control and remediation methods.

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